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CPU and Memory The Important Components of any Computer (Read 168 times)


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The CPU is the abbreviation for the Central Processing Unit. The CPU happens to be the main component of any of the computer. The CPU is the brain of any of the computer looks after the smooth working of any of the component. There are two parts of the CPU which are ALU [Arithmetic Logic Unit] and CU [Control Unit]. The main task of the ALU is do arithmetic operations and main function of CU is sending and receiving the information. The two main manufacturers of the CPU are AMD and Intel. Microprocessors are the most modern types of the CPU.

Memory is the place where the can store different programs and data in it. There are two types of memory that is RAM [Random Access Memory] and ROM [Read Only Memory]. RAM is a volatile memory, which loses it data when the system is turned shut down, the data stored here is temporary. While in ROM the data remains forever, even if the system is shut down. The information saved here is permanent.