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Cryptography and Steganography Secure System Seminar Presnetation (Read 67 times)


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Cryptography and Steganography Secure System
Cryptography is an art and science of translating the information in a non readable form before sending it over the network in order to provide security. This technique converts the original text called the plain text into a non readable form called the cipher text by using various algorithms so as to protect the data from unauthorized users. On the other side, Steganography means hiding of a message into other sos that the presence of hidden message is unidentifiable. The major difference between cryptography and steganography is that first one encrypt the message before transmitting it over the network and no one without the proper key can decode the message. The second technique even makes the presence of a message indiscernible. So both these security techniques when applied in combination provides a two level security. The attached document describes the methodology of mixing these two techniques. Multimedia elements are used in Steganography in order to provide maximum security.