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Curl Seminar Presentation (Read 68 times)


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Curl Seminar Presentation
April 06, 2017, 03:48:36 PM
Curl is an object oriented programming language that is designed to replace HTML, Java Script and other tools in order to create web page. It is a new language that is used to create any kind of web applications from simple formatted content to complex applets. Curl is a client side technology. With the help of this language it is easy to embed complex objects in simple documents. Curl has unique and styling capabilities that help in making interactive user interfaces. Because of the various limitations of Ajax, this language came into existence.  There are various components of Curl platform that work in combination with each other in order to fulfill user requirements. This language supports hardware accelerated 2G/3G graphics and has rich graphical API. This language is platform independent. The attached document describes in detail the components of curl language, limitations of Ajax and salient features of this new technical language.