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Currency Fluctuations Seminar Presentation (Read 106 times)


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Currency Fluctuations Seminar presentation
Currency is one of the major things and has an important role in the economy and of course, US dollar is one of the most wanted currency in the world. Currency is the one that determines the worth of the country with another. The cheaper currency can enjoy more affordable value in export but it became expensive in import to the country. There are few things that determine the value of the currency either as strong or weak. Those things are the interest rate, political or military unrest/stability, inflation rate, domestic financial market, trade surplus. In recent years, US dollar lost its value by nearly 25% there are many things that lead to this. The things that cause the huge fluctuation in US dollar are Iraq war, natural disasters, slowing economy, high level of imports. The economy crisis in the US is reflected in many parts of the world because most of the countries depend on US import.