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Defect Tracking System Seminar Presentation (Read 66 times)


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Defect Tracking System
A defect tracking system also termed as bug tracking system is a software tool that is used to keep track of the reported software bugs during the development of software projects. It can also be termed as issue tracking system. Bug tracking systems are available as open source where users can directly enter bug reports and also some organizations develop their own tracking system integrated with other software project management tools. The use of bug tracking system is surely a good practice for a software team. The various components are required to make a complete bug or defect tracking system. One such major component is database, where the facts about known bugs are recorded. Defects are tracked by using various parameters like Defect ID, Severity, Created by, Assigned to etc. The attached document describes about what points need to be considered while developing a defect tracking system and about various hardware and software requirements