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Design of Intranet Mail System Seminar Presentation (Read 107 times)


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Design of Intranet Mail System Seminar Presentation
An Intranet is private network system that was accessible only to the people who are in the same organization with most of the company related documents are stored in this network which not accessible to the public via Internet. The communication between most of the employees in the organization is going through intranet mail system. It is like an email system that was only accessible to the staffs and officers in the organization. The design of the web-based mail client system having MTA, MDA, Platform, Mysql database server. Every mail system needs some proper graphical interfaces like user authentication, mailbox display, composing and send mail, deleting emails, replying the mail and drafts. It is very useful mail system with full production other than employees no one can access this mail system and it is very secured communication.