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Design of new Mac protocol Seminar Presentation (Read 87 times)


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T-Lohi is one of the popular Mac protocols. It is basically a reservation based MAC protocol which provides a flexible and firm medium for accessing the acoustic network. According to various studies, T-Lohi MAC protocol is best suited for single hop network. In case of  multi-hop network certain customization will be required. It is important to study various MAC protocols for underwater acoustic sensor network and to perform a deep analysis of their pros and cons. A new MAC protocol is proposed which would prove quite efficient for a multi hop environment. For the customization part, a lot of  simulation will have to be done with a multi hop network grid of nodes. For each case, the effect of data packet size and effect of various grid size is analyzed. After successful simulation, channel usage, throughput and efficiency of proposed protocol can be observed.  The delay and throughput characteristics of the new protocol should be studied theoretically also.