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Desktop activity recording seminar presentation (Read 110 times)


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Desktop activity recording seminar Presentation

As the name indicates, desktop activity recording records all the activities that are carried out on a system into a AVI files. The activity recorder can record any type of activities carried out such as playing a video, menus, cursor or even the entire desktop. Even a small click made or navigating to a different page or file will be recorded. The advantage of desktop activity recorder is the saved file can be played at anytime. In case if there is a demo to be given on the system about any application and if the activity is recorded, then simply playing the recorded file will do the needful. It can even be used to create a bug report.
When repeating a task that we do, then desktop activity recorder can be used so that each time we need not perform the activity manually. Desktop activity recorder can be of the best use in schools and colleges were a demo on any subject has to be given to students in multiple batches. In this case, if the activities are recorded then the demo can be given easily by playing the recording.