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Digital Smell Technology Seminar Presentation (Read 103 times)


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Digital Smell Technology Seminar Presentation
Digital Smell or Scent technology is one types of technology that deals with olfactory representation. This technology is used to send, receive and transmit scent enabled digital media. This process works by using olfactometers and electronic noises. iSmell is the latest technology which was used in various fields it emits natural smell vapors and the technology changes that into digital codes. This has a cartridge which has 128 chemicals and also requires a driver called Scent Stream. The cartridge has natural oils, synthetic fragrances, and with 128 chemicals stored and it is activated by air or vapor. The first of this technology was introduced in the movie Scent of Mystery and it is used to make the people smell what is happening in the film. But various dropbacks such as sound before releasing of this scent, reach of the scent and the film makes this technology to shut down. After that only iSmell is introduced in 2001 but it is stopped due to no more fund available to improve the technology.