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Digital Watermarking Seminar Presentation (Read 100 times)


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Digital Watermarking
The main goal of digital watermarking is to add the watermarks to the images to hide the data from the unauthorized persons and to provide copy right protection for the documents. Watermarking is an act of embedding a message i.e. a text in some other data like images etc. It is most commonly used in multimedia document tracing, data usage monitoring, multiple property management, multimedia communications security etc. the traditional watermarking techniques use single watermarking concept which once written cannot be changed and is less secure. This project overcomes the limitations of traditional watermarking techniques by providing multiple watermarking concepts, such as the sample image overwrite more than one time on the original image. It is robust against standard image degradation operations and has been extensively tested. Symmetric key cryptographic algorithm has been used for fast and inexpensive encryption. It has been designed to implement text based, image based, passcode based watermarking.