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Distributed Database Seminar presentation (Read 105 times)


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Distributed Database Seminar presentation
The database is the collection of data that was stored on one computer and when it is shared with other computers and it is called as Distributed Database. The need of Distributed database is increased day by day for the following reasons. The most important reason it is very much needed in organizational and economic reasons, interconnecting exhibition band, reducing the communication overhead, reliability, and availability and also for the consideration of performance. The architecture for reference is consists of the global schema, fragmentation schema, allocation schema, and local mapping schema. There are 12 rules to be followed in the database and they are very vital in performing distribution over the network. Some of the rules in the database are ideals and they are hardware independence, Operating System independence, network independence and database independence. The other rules are Fundamental principles, local autonomy, No reliance on the central site, continuous operation, location, fragmentation, replication independences,  distributed query processing, Distributed Transaction processing.