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Distributed Software Systems with CORBA Seminar Presentation (Read 104 times)


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Distributed Software Systems with CORBA Seminar Presentation
The distributed system is collections of the independent computer system that appears like a single coherent system to the user. This system has some of the characteristics of concurrency, lack of global clock and failures of components. There is much more difficulty in designing the distributed software system like the absence of global memory and clock, heterogeneity of the components and concurrency of the process. But nevertheless, it is needed for so many reasons like memory sharing, fault tolerance and also for higher performance. There are various types of architecture available in distributed system like DCOM, COBRA, JAVA/RMI, GLOBE.  COBRA is introduced in the year 1995 as a middleware architecture that uses to connects various types of computers without any boundaries like the programming language, hardware and software platforms, network and their implementation. Compare to other architecture COBRA possess significant features like OS platform support, java implementation and much more features.