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DNA computing Seminar Presentation (Read 67 times)


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DNA computing Seminar Presentation
April 05, 2017, 03:35:32 PM
DNA computing
Silicon is like life for today’s microprocessors. To find the solution of more complex problems, we need a successor of silicon. The term DNA computing was initiated by Dr. Adleman through his article on solving HDPP using DNA. DNA Computing is a branch of computing that deals with biochemistry, DNA, and molecular biology hardware in place of silicon based microprocessor chips that are used for processing in traditional computers. Our genes are made up of DNA molecules. These molecules are capable of performing calculations many times faster than the super computer that exists till today. In DNA computing, four genetic alphabets, A- adenine G-guanine C-cytosine T-thymine,  are used to represent the information, instead of traditional binary system that uses only two bits 0 and 1. The main benefit of DNA computing is parallel processing, as DNA computers can solve complex problems in such a way that different solutions can be created at once.