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DTH TV Seminar Presentation (Read 79 times)


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DTH TV Seminar Presentation
April 06, 2017, 03:52:40 PM
DTH stands for Direct to Home television. DTH is the very general term used today. A personal dish set up is done at individualís home where it receives the satellite programs. The programming source, broadcast center, satellite, satellite dish and the receiver, these are the major components of a DTH system. Programming sources are the channels that provide programming. Broadcast center use satellite dishes to pick up analog and digital signals from various sources. The satellite is established by the provider to catch the signals and send it to the ground. The satellite dish is a special kind of antenna customized to focus on a specific broadcast source and the receiver receive signals by using chip and some algorithms. The first DTH service was proposed in India in 1996 but that time did not get approval. Later in 2000, DTH was allowed. The attached document explains the components, working and different providers of DTH.