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Dynamic Programming Seminar Presentation (Read 97 times)


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Dynamic Programming Seminar Presentation
Dynamic Programming is an algorithm based programming which is designed by algorithm technique which is used for optimizing problems. Dynamic Programming solves the solutions by combining both solutions and sub-problems. Sub-Problems are independent and it also sub sub-Problem which has been shared in sub-problems but the solution of one sub-problem may not affect the solution of another sub-problem.  There are some steps are followed in Dynamic Programming and they are structural characteristic for the optimal solution, optimal solution definition, Computing the optimal solution, construction of the optimal solution. They are two elements used in Dynamic Programming and they are optimal sub-structure and overlapping Sub-problems. Optimal sub-structure shows the solution for the sub-problem by making choice. Overlapping Sub-problems helps to reduce the space of the sub-problems into small and the number of input is a polynomial input size and the recursive algorithm is exponential if the multiplication and division are needed then each sub-problem is treated as brand new.