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E-Voting Seminar Presentation (Read 121 times)


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E-Voting Seminar Presentation
March 24, 2017, 07:43:23 AM
The Electronic Voting uses electronic methods for counting the votes while voting. Basically there are two types of E-Voting which are polling station, kiosk system and unattended remote voting (eg. internet). The E-Voting is a modern way of voting. Before voting the following requirements should be verified like eligibility, authentication, uniqueness, Anonymity, etc. The introduction of the E-Voting system started with the introduction of the punched card system, which was widely used in the United States, later is other different countries.
Compared to the other voting techniques, the E-Voting is having several advantages. Some advantages of E-Voting are it increases the speed of the ballot counting, cost of manually counting votes is considerably reduced and it will very beneficial for the disabled voters. However, the only problem here would be weaker electronic device. Otherwise, this device happens to be a big boon. Find more information on the E-Voting machine in the attached file.