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Ethernet Seminar Presentation (Read 97 times)


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Ethernet Seminar Presentation
March 29, 2017, 06:48:42 AM
Ethernet Seminar Presentation
The Internet is one of the fastest and vibrant media that is used to connect the world. The computers are mostly used for the internet but it changed over the years many wireless tools are available to use the internet, for example, mobile devices. But the usage of Ethernet cable in the organization is very much practiced because of the security they provide. Ethernet is a local area network protocol simply called LAN protocol which was introduced to the networking world in the year 1976 by Xerox Corporation Along With DEC and Intel. This Ethernet uses either bus or star topology allows to the data transfer of 10 to 1000 Mb per second. It uses CDMA/CD methods to handle simultaneous demands. There are two methods are used in this Half-duplex and full-duplex. Half-duplex is the basic concept in which CDMA/CD method is used. Full-Duplex is used to bypass the half-duplex and allows to stations to exchange the data at the same time.