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Fibre optics communication system (Read 107 times)


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Fibre optics communication system
March 24, 2017, 06:27:29 PM
Fibre optics communication system

It is made using the optical fibre which is actually the backbone of the modern communication and related networks. It has voice associated with it, along with the videos, fibre twisted pair of digital subscriber loops and multimedia over DSL and HFC.

It has lowest attenuation with highest bandwidth. Along with it, it has upgradability level too, with low cost of hierarchy. The process will eventually works for the information and communication technology as well. Different scenerios for the same includes digital fibre optics system as the backbone, dynamic multi access Ethernet system for accessing networks, microwave fibre optics for systems MFO, Radio over fibre optics for wireless communications and infrared optical wire system for free space optics. It consist of various different topologies for the consistency as well.