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FIELD EMISSION DISPLAYS seminar presentation (Read 19429 times)


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Field emission displays

Field emission displays occurs from the cathode ray tube as well as liquid crystal displays and field emission displays. The technologies embedded inside the displays include vacuum tube having the phosphor-coated screen, in which the cathode emits the electrons which can be accelerated by the anode. The deflectors can guide the electron beams along with the electrons which excite the phosphor molecules to produce the light.

Field emission displays include good color representations, with large viewing angles, fast response time along with low prices and multiple resolution. But there are certain short comings also, which are like they are large and bulky, flicker causing eye strain and have high power. They are light weight LCD embedded inside it, which have low power with less eye strain and high brightness. LCD has certain other short comings as well,  small viewing angles and weak contrast color.