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FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION seminar presentation (Read 81 times)


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Finger print identification is a kind of biometric techniques which is one the oldest method being successfully used in the numerous applications till date. It is worked on the unique structure of the fingerprints of all humans. Finger prints are made up of series of ridges and furrows which is worked on all the surfaces of the fingers. The uniqueness of the finger prints can be determined sing the pattern of those ridges and furrows and the minutiae points as well.

Minutiae points are those local ridges having characteristics which occurs on either of the ridges bifurcation or kind of ridge ending. Finger prints mainly depends upon the identification and the classification basis. A single rolled fingerprint can have 100 or more identifications which can be used for the identification process. No size requirement is there for fingerprint identification and this process mainly depends upon the location of the print.