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Fluorescent Multilayer Disc Seminar Presentation (Read 100 times)


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Fluorescent Multilayer Disc [FMD] is basically optical disc, which stores the data by fluorescent rather than reflective material. DVD and Compact Disc format are the good examples of the Reflective disc format. The size of Fluroscent Multilayer Disc is same as the optical discs. The working of the FMD’s is simple. Here the fluorescent material is filled in the pits of the FMD. The process is known as photochromism.  Different layers are there in the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc. However, the thickness of the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc seems to be the main drawback in it.

The FMD has a nice disc capacity, media tolerances, quick access and retrieval information, Usage flexibility.The advantage of FMD includes the incoherent fluorescent light helps to prevent the interference, nice DVD and CD format with fast access and storage area, the manufacturing of the FMD is comparatively simpler. The FMD’s can be used in data warehouses, HDTV, mobile phones, etc. The FMD’s uses are now getting increased steadily.