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Game Playing in Artificial Intelligence Seminar Presentation (Read 125 times)


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The Artificial Intelligence used in the Game playing is the techniques used in the video games and the computer games, which provide the illusion of the techniques. When we talk about the games, there are two types of games which are Perfect Information Game and Imperfect Information Game.  In Perfect Information Game, the player knows all the possible techniques of opponents and the results, for example Tic Tac Toe and Chess. In the Imperfect Information Game, the player does not know all the moves of the opponents and the results, for example Bridge game.
Here one needs to develop a perfect algorithm, which can give the perfect moves in the games. Developing proper Artificial Intelligence is the core of Game. To develop a compact Artificial Intelligence, various concepts like Knowledge Based System, Multi-Agents system, machine learning, computer animation and graphics, etc. need to be implemented. Find some more information, related to this in the attached file.