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General Packet Radio Service Seminar Presentation (Read 70 times)


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General Packet Radio Service
The General Packet Radio Service abbreviated as GPRS, is used to transmit IP packets over existing cellular networks. Thus it offers all the web browsing services on mobile/ PDA/other portable devices by providing packet radio access for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM). It provides a wide range of services like high data rate, mobility, localization etc. GPRS has now become widely available with 2.5G and 3G also. Web browsing, Corporate & Internet Email, Vehicle Positioning, Remote LAN Access, Home Automation and Document Sharing/Collaborative working are some of the important applications of GPRS. It is based on GSM architecture and has same components and has some additional components also. GPRS is innovative step in mobile evolution and provides endless possibilities for developments of mobile applications. The attached document describes architecture, data call routing, session management in GPRS, Location management, routing area update, mobility management and security mechanism in detail.