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Global Positioning System Seminar Presentation (Read 98 times)


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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to identify the position of the object in the globe. There are different control segments through which it operates. Today GPS is being used in many of the fields like Telecommunication, public safety, GIS data collection, Surveying, agriculture, military, transportation, archeology, geology, oceanography and many more fields. The GPS system is based on the known positions of the satellites. The clocks play an important role in where continuous position and the time are sent to the receiver. The GPS system has proved to be a great boon for the telecommunication system, where talking long distance and messaging has become very easy.
The GPS has proved to be very important in two fields like military and determining the weather. With GPS one can determine the position of target enemy and the distance. Also, the weather department can easily determine the possible rains and storms through GPS. Find more information on the Global Positioning System in the attached file.