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Global Positioning System Seminar Presentation (Read 96 times)


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Global Positioning System
GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is officially named as NAVSTAR-GPS. It was developed by the United States Department of Defense. GPS is used to find out your location anywhere and anytime on the surface of earth or near the earth surface. GPS is used to locate people/devices for various purposes like public Safety & Disaster Relief, in vehicle navigation (car, boat and airplane), geologic Research & Mining, military Navigation and Operations, and mapping & surveying etc. The most recent GPS satellite was launch on May 28, 2010 and the oldest one still in operation was launched on November 26, 1990. The distance of device from the satellite is measured by the amount of time it takes transmit/receive a signal. Today’s GPS systems are very accurate. In future even more reliable systems can be expected as countries like china are in process of launching similar positioning systems.