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Grid Portal Seminar Presentation (Read 93 times)


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Grid Portal Seminar Presentation
March 25, 2017, 04:07:41 PM
Grid Portal
A Grid Portal provides an efficient way to put Grid empowered application on corporate environment i.e. Intranet or Internet. A Grid Portal provides secure user interface and administration to computational resources via intuitive web interface. It hides the underlying hardware and software complexity of the distributive computing architecture. The main function of grid portal is to connect different grids. These portals act as a gateway between users and various web services. These are widely used in Knowledge grid, e-science, e-learning and e-business. This document describes about a job based web portal. It supports various services like user authentication, Account management, job management, File management and command execution. It is Linux based web application that provides unique interface to the end users to access distributed resources and allows users to manage all their jobs without the need of any software download. OGCE toolkit is used in building  this grid portal.