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GSM Security Seminar Presentation (Read 234 times)


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GSM Security Seminar Presentation
April 14, 2017, 05:02:37 PM
The GSM stands out to be one of the most reliable security systems. The GSM network is being used all over the world. The GSM maintains the anonymity of the subscriber and also maintains the confidentiality of calls giving end-to-end security. To maintain the privacy of the users, the identification numbers are assigned temporarily. The challenge response mechanism is being used here, to authenticate the GSM networks. The enhance security system of the GSM uses the frequency algorithm and hopping technology very efficiently for the proper working.
Technically the linear predictive coder uses the speed coding algorithm. The bot frame used is also done with the proper calculations. There are several categories of attacks like attacks on SIM, Interception in the radio links, attacks on Operator Network. The GSM has taken care of all these and ensured that this attack does not harm much. The GSM Security is really very robust technology. Find more information on this in the attached file.