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Hierarchical Data Backup Seminar Presentation (Read 127 times)


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The Hierarchical Data Backup is the scheme of developing a distributed data backup. The main purpse for using these back up system is to fing another alternative for the current backup schemes, which are currently used like RAID, Tape backups, backup server, SAN, etc. The Hierarchical Data Backup help to build a more robust data storage system, which will give a good protection and easy usability for the user. With the use of the Hierarchical Data Backup, the measures of the access and size have changed considerably.
With the help of Hierarchical Data Backup, huga amount of data can be easily stored in a very low cost. Also, the retrieval of data is more user friendly than ever. This technology is now being used in the following companies BTier, IBM 3850, HPSS, EMC Disk Extender, Oracle SAM-QFS, Dell Compellent, etc. To find more relevant information on the Hierarchical Data Backup please check the attached file.