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Holographic memory (Read 94 times)


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Holographic memory
March 22, 2017, 02:35:24 PM

This is a kind of memory which is being used to address the rapid needs of the increasing requirements of storing the critical enabling technology for so many times. Having the new multimedia applications is basically the key which is bring forwarded by this new technology. It is an efficient technology for storing of the data. Not only this, but this technology is being used to increase the density of the storage and to access the speed of the communication. If some one is using the magnetic disks data storage, then they can use this holographic technical memory as an alternative for storing the data. The 3 important features of the holographic data storage includes redundancy of the data storage, parallelism and the multiplexing. It is a very efficient technology when it comes to storing the data and managing it effectively and consistently.