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Holographic Versatile Disc Seminar Presentation (Read 98 times)


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HVD Seminar Presentation
HVD stands for Holographic Versatile Disc more or less like DVD but the storage of this HVD far more than DVD. A simple HVD Disc can store up to a data of nearly 3.9Tb. This advantage in HVD makes it one of the most prestigious things in disc storage systems. The data are recorded or stored to this disc via light patterns called Collinear Holography. There are two laser lights are used in HVD and they are Blue-Green and Red. It has many advantages while comparing to DVD apart from Storage space, anyone can record a program while watching another on the disc. Transfer rate in HVD is huge even better than some Hard Disk and the transfer speed is almost 1 GB per second. One pulse of light can read nearly 60,000 bits of data but DVD can read only one bit at a time. The main disadvantage is manufacturing cost of Holographic Data Storage System. It is very expensive compared to dvds.