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Holography (Read 90 times)


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March 22, 2017, 02:41:31 PM

Holography is actually the science that deals with the production of holograms which are some of the advanced form of photography and allows the images to be recorded in 3 dimensions. The technique that stores the information with very high density inside the crystals is known as holography. How the film is being processed in holography is like if the illumination takes place with the reference beam, than diffraction also occurs at the same on the beam which initially reconstructs the original object beam by both the density and phase medium. And as the interference is being needed between the reference beam and the object beam, a laser beam is being also used. The coherence length of the beam is also used to determine the maximum depth of the image and this is how the internal process of the data storage is being take place via the holographic medium.