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Hospital Management System Seminar Presentation (Read 72 times)


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Hospital Management System
The hospital management system is a web based software application with capabilities of effectively handling the details of patients, emergencies and other day routines of hospital. This system has five basic modules: master menu, transaction menu, reports, administration and A/C system. The master menu allows the doctor to store patient details like disease, description, symptoms etc. He can also manage the schedule of various appointments. It also stores the details of doctor so that they can be consulted without much effort. The medicines details like name, category, price and usage etc. are also maintained for the easy management. The transaction menu handles all billing related activities. The maintenance of patient history, daily cash collection, stock movement etc. come under reports menu The administrator is given the authority to view all user data, to maintain files, to control user access to data, to changes password etc. Finally A/C menu manages the transfer of bills to the bank account.