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Hyper-Threading Technology Seminar Presentation (Read 90 times)


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The Hyper-Threading technology is used to increase the performance of the system. He re a simultaneous multi-threading technique is being used, to carry the multiple tasks at a same time. Whenever, the two or more tasks are waiting for the processing, then a proper scheduling of the task is done first giving priority for the important tasks first. The simultaneous multi-threading easily helps the process of Hyper-Threading to carry the task easily. Here, basically the duplication of the different parts of the processor takes place and the execution of the task is done accordingly.
Here the sharing of the resources is very essential thing to be done. The various sharing schemes are partition, Threshold and full sharing. Here the HALT is one such instruction, through which the processor stops the execution. These technologies have benefited many of the fields like e-Business, users get quick reply, server can handle the workload, etc. Find some more detailed information related to the Hyper-Threading Technology in the attached file.