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Hyper threading technology seminar presentation (Read 97 times)


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Hyper threading technology seminar presentation
Hyper threading is a technology which was developed by Intel. This was used in some Pentium 4 processors. With hyper threading technology, processor can execute two threads at a same time or set of instructions at a same time. Since two threads can be executed at the same time, it is as if two processors are working at the same time. With hyper threading technology, the performance of the operations can be improved.
Hyper threading was first seen on xeon server processors in February 2002 and later it was used on Pentium 4 desktop cpu in November 2002.
Hyper threading increases the number of independent instructions in the pipeline. Hyper threading has the capability to help cpu to schedule light task like browsing or any application running at the background to one processor and heavy tasks like gaming to another processor.