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Image Authentication Techniques Seminar Presentation (Read 97 times)


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Image Authentication Techniques Seminar Presentation
Authentication is a tool widely used to ensure that authorized persons only can use any secured or authorized files, data's or documents. Mainly Two techniques are followed in Image Authentication. They are Cryptography and watermarking. Cryptography is used to send highly classified file in a hidden manner it has two functions namely encryption and decryption. Using a Cryptography technique is based on five terms they are encryption, plain text, cipher text, Cipher and finally Decryption. Digital watermarking is the combination of art and science used to embed copyright information in original files. In watermarking there are two types are followed and they are Fragile watermarking or Invisible watermarking which cannot be seen in bare eyes and another one is Robust watermarking or Dual watermarking it helps to store a summary of content within video sequence if any mismatch found it is taken as evidence of data tempering.