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Image Compression Seminar Presentation (Read 90 times)


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Image Compression Seminar Presentation
March 21, 2017, 02:10:42 PM
Image Compression Seminar Presentation
Image compression is a technique that is used to compress the size of an image without affecting is quality. It is one of the wonderful technique that mostly helps web masters. Image compression also helps to store lot of image in storage. There are two methods in image compression they are Lossless and Lossy. Various techniques are used in Image compression but these four more are commonly used and the techniques are JPEG, GIF, FRACTALS, WAVELETS. JPEG and GIF are most commonly used for internet uses such as uploading and downloading. The internet users are very much delight to use the compressed image with quality and it is very useful to speed upload and download. The other two types are most commonly used for non-internet uses. The image compression is mainly helps to increase the storage of device or any storage system and also for fast uploading.