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Inter process Communication Seminar Presentation (Read 112 times)


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Inter process Communication Seminar Presentation
Inter Process Communication or IPC is an programming interface which was commonly used by the user to run other processes activities simultaneously in an Operating System. The Named Pipes is one of the techniques used most commonly. Named Pipes used to communicate two different process each other. It is also called as FIFO i.e First In and First Out. It is one way channel or half-duplex channel with this a user can either write or read and user cannot able to do the read-write because of its half-duplex nature. A named pipe can be created by two methods and they are Using Command Line or from within a program. A named pipe can be used either for read or write. If the writer is not available the reading process is closed and likewise if the reader is not available means it will close the writing process until or unless the reader opens the reading process through named pipes. But Full-Duplex communication can be achieved by using two named pipes one for read and one for write. This way it can be helpful for the user and the client.