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Internet advertising seminar presentation (Read 99 times)


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Internet advertising seminar presentation
Internet advertising is also known as web advertising or online advertising. This type of advertising is a strategy of marketing about the products and the marketing messages to the users through the use of internet.
Internet advertising can be done through various ways such as search engine marketing, email, url, pop up, banners.
In search engine marketing when a user searches for something, an ad will appear before the search results.
In email, promotional emails will be sent to users by selecting the target audience.
In pop-ups, the pop up window will appear on the screen even when the user has not selected it to open.
In banners, a graphics or a image will be displayed on the screen.
In internet marketing, selecting targets audience and displaying the right type of ad's based on their interest is very easy. Also online advertising is much cheaper compared to traditional advertising type.