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Internet traffic management seminar presentation (Read 102 times)


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Internet traffic management seminar presentation
Today internet is widely used by everyone and internet has become a kind of a basic need for people. Due to growing internet usage the traffic on internet is also increasing rapidly and hence making the internet very congested. There are various tasks that people perform on internet such as watching a video or listening to audio, watching movies, downloading large files, uploading etc all of which contributes to the internet traffic and making the internet slow.
In order to avoid congestion to the internet, traffic management is very important. One way the internet service providers manage the traffic is by restricting the traffic on the network. The service providers track the traffic by using a software and based on the data the activities are prioritised to be fast or slow. This way they can ensure that a stable connection is experienced by all the users. Activities are mostly tracked during the peak hours when usage of the internet is more.