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Internet traffic management seminar presentation (Read 84 times)


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Internet traffic management seminar presentation
The flow of data across the internet is called internet traffic were traffic is measured in terms of number of visits to a webpage by the visitors. Internet traffic is also called as web traffic.
Earlier internet was used just for browsing and mailing purpose and because of this there was no much congestion on the network but today there are many activities that are carried out on internet and hence the internet becomes congested. Due to this reason, the internet service providers can manage the traffic either by setting priority to certain traffics or by restricting the traffic. This way by restricting the traffic on the network, network can work efficiently.
One way by which the internet service providers manage the traffic is by setting the limit on download and upload speed to ensure every user experience a stable connection. The main advantage of traffic management is stable speed even when there are many people connected to the network in that area.