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Interplanetary Internet Seminar Presentation (Read 398 times)


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Interplanetary Internet
Tele Communication field is growing very rapidly. An interplanetary Internet service is a part of new technology that extends the need of terrestrial internet into space. IPN is the feature of next generation Internet.  IPN is network of internets in space that enables the human to explore more about the solar system and other planets. Current deep space mission operates at high error rate due to power limitations. The long distance communication, signal strength drop off, security issues are major challenges hindering the actual implementation of IPN. Five major issues of implementation are: Internet Dialog, Unique Nodes in IPN, A Stable Backbone, Deployed Internets and Security. The cost of implementation and maintenance is also very high. Actual implementation is not so easy to say because it needs a great requirements that has not been satisfied until now. IPN will save the huge amount of wealth that nations spend every year on space exploration.