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INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM seminar presentation (Read 78 times)


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Intrusion Detection System: Must-have software for your PC security

Your concern that some intruders may attack your network enterprise goes without saying. However, do not let this concern overcome you but you should search for some excellent and innovative technology to deal with it once and for all. Well, the best way to deal with potential intruders is to install intrusion detection system (IDS) on your PC. Electronic intrusions can impinge on the operation of Information systems and networks. Intrusion detection system, therefore, is a second-to-none tool particularly if you are intent on installing total computer security.

Certain types of malicious worms, Trojan horses, viruses, and firewalls bring port intruders to a standstill. However, how about certain activities that come to pass in the network packets? The software is again able to detect whether port 80 traffic is an internet-based request or an Instant messaging file transfer. In contrast, scanner and firewalls do not have the competence to hold buffer overflow intrusion or figure out the recent SQL injection intrusion. State-of-the-art IDS is able to thwart the packet before any harm is dispersed. It is also designed to alter or adapt the security parameter negating the odds that may do harm to the network.