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Intrusion detection system seminar presentation (Read 108 times)


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Intrusion detection system seminar presentation
An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device which acts as a kind of security management system for the network. This system moniters all the activities carried out on a system and network and identifies a malicious activity that is carried out by someone. In case any suspicious activity is identified then that will be reported to the network administrator.
The functions of intrusion detection system are: the activities of both the user and the system is monitored, it has the ability of recognising the pattern mainly used for attacking, it studies the system configurations, analizes the vulnerability, it finds out the pattern of abnormal activity.
Sometimes if the intrusion detection system finds any abnormal activities that are being carried out on the network then it acts immediately by blocking the IP address from accessing the network. IDS can either be network based or the host based. In network based IDS, these systems are placed at a common point we're activities are detected on all the devices connected to network. In host based IDS, these systems detect the activities on every independent systems.