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IP Traceback Seminar Presentation (Read 87 times)


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IP Traceback Seminar Presentation
March 22, 2017, 02:16:50 PM
IP Traceback using DNS Logs Against Bots.

IP Traceback is a name given to any method for reliably determining the origin of a packet on the Internet. Due to the trusting nature of the IP protocol, the source IP address of a packet is not authenticated.DNS Logs which contain list of IP address of host machines.Bots is an remote controlled software program that acts as an agent for an user,it can be clandestine things even when the computer owner thinks the computer is inactive.IP Traceback using DNS Logs Against Bots are review of the DNS query model,IP traceback for regular recursive DNS query,IP traceback for Forwarding DNS query. An IP tracking scheme against the bots using the DNS logs is proposed. This scheme is easy to apply on the Internet because the DNS server log can be substituted for conventional IP tracking probes. The end-to-end tracking success rate of the proposed scheme is higher than the conventional scheme when the routing path length is considerable. The CPU load of the DNS server that outputs the DNS events is relatively light.