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IPTV Seminar Presentation (Read 117 times)


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IPTV Seminar Presentation
April 07, 2017, 04:27:43 PM
IPTV is basically a combination of two technologies; IP and TV. IP stands for Internet Protocol which establishes a connection between source and destination. Virtual means there is no actual connection between sender and receiver rather it allows you to address an information package and just drop it in the system. The other part i.e. TV or Television is a medium of communication that operates through the transmission of sounds and images. IPTV is basically the delivery of television content by using logical IP signals instead of traditional methods like terrestrial, satellite signals or cable formats.  The various technologies are deployed in order to make this technique working. There are two methods in which IPTV material can be made available; material can be broadcasted to many users simultaneously or it can be customized to provide video on demand. The attached document contains the various technologies explained in detail, that are used in IPTV, its network architecture and security issues.