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IRIS Biometric for a person identification seminar presentation (Read 95 times)


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IRIS biometric for a person identification seminar presentation
Today security is a major concern everywhere and in every field. Take an office or an airforce station or a defence station, having a tight security is a very important factor to prevent any unauthorised access. The most common system that is used to prevent unauthorised access into certain areas is the use of biometric.
Iris biometric recognises a person based on the iris. Iris is an area which is color pigmented in the eyes. The iris biometric system captures a photographer of an iris of a person and this photograph is compared with the already stored photograph of that person to check if both the pictures match. If both the pictures compared are matched then the person is given access to enter the area otherwise access will be restricted. Using this iris biometric system is very accurate and fast. Also the feature of iris of a person will never change at any circumstances.