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IRIS Recognition For Person Identification Seminar Presentation (Read 82 times)


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IRIS Recognition For Person Identification Seminar Presentation
IRIS recognition is used to identify the person with their eye and its pupil characteristics. The use of IRIS is increased day by day to protect unauthorized entry into the safety areas of any company or military areas. Bio metrics is widely used recognition system in the world it can identify the face, eye, signature, fingerprint, iris and also DNA. But IRIS is the best way used by many organisation to avoid unwanted entries in restricted areas. The IRIS is an simple photography that takes 2 to 3 seconds and it takes high resolution photograph of the eye and compare it to the already entered data if it matches it identifies the person or else it rejects the process. It is one of the stable recognition technique used for identification. Any injuries to eye or eye operation cannot change the pattern of IRIS. It based on three techniques and they are Iris Localization. Iris Normalization and Image Enhancement.