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IVR seminar presentation (Read 81 times)


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IVR seminar presentation
March 29, 2017, 04:57:06 PM
IVR seminar presentation
IVR or interactive voice response is a technology using which humans can interact with the computers through the keyboard. It is a telephony system which is automated to interact with callers. It has the capability of collecting the information and sending the calls to proper and correct recipient. With the help of IVR application we can receive the voice responses that are prerecorded. With this technology we can access the data and we can also record a voice input based on the situation.
To make use of IVR application, a telephone, a supporting infrastructure, software application and a database is a must.
The best example of an IVR application is a credit card or in a banking field. Details about credit card history or about a bank can be received immediately and the person need not talk to the person directly to get the details.