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Kerberos seminar Presentation (Read 95 times)


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Kerberos seminar Presentation
March 20, 2017, 04:48:45 PM
Kerberos is a protocol which is being used for authentication of network. It provides a very strong authentication. It is normally initiated for client and server both applications and uses a kind of secret key for cryptographic purpose. Kerberos is used by many commercial product manufactures as well. It is a well known solution for network security problems. Client have to prove his identity to the server in order to use the protocols under a kind of insecure network connections.

Client and server both can also be able to ensure that the encryption must be done with a huge amount of privacy and the integration of the data is highly maintained. The restrictions and the methods used by the Kerberos product is highly realistic and acceptable and provides with a free set of rules which are able to ensure security as their own level.
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