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Lie Detector Seminar Presentation (Read 72 times)


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Lie Detector Seminar Presentation
March 20, 2017, 05:27:57 AM
Lie Detector Seminar Presentation

People tell lies and deceive others for many reasons. Most often, lying is a defense mechanism used to avoid trouble with the law, bosses or authority figures. Sometimes, you can tell when someone's lying, but other times it may not be so easy. Polygraphs, commonly called lie detectors.Lie Detector is an instruments that monitor a person's reactions.Its works on detecting the blood pressure,galvanic skin resistance,Arm and leg movements,Respiratory rate this are the working of lie detectors.Physiological responses are on blood pressure,Respiratory rate ,Electron-dermal activity(It is an sweatness of fingertips).

The Polygraph Examiners tested start from setting up the polygraph and asking question,analyzing and evaluating test data.To became on Lie Detector there should be five years of experience on investigation on associative degree,students should pass required exam and internship program for actual cases.Generally Polygraphs are used by National security,criminal investigation.In this way Lie detector are used for investigation in various crime field.
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